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Our Domaine






Our family has lived for generations on these lands over the hillside ridges of the river Cher, where are vineyards are established to day. Our values of respect for the earth and for nature come from a our elders, farmers and peasants, who also taught us the value of polyculture. As a result, only the plots most suited to vine growing are planted with vine, while other parcels remain wheat fields. 

We started cultivating vines on our family estate in 1960, choosing since the very beginning to plant the typical varieties of Valençay and Touraine.

We are independant winemakers (“Vignerons Indépendants”) and we have adopted the charter and values of the association of Vignerons Indépendants. We vow to:

•        respect our terroir,
•        cultivate our vineyard,
•        harvest our grapes,
•        make and age our wine,
•        bottle what we produce here, in our estate,
•        sell our production,
•        continuously improve our practices while respecting tradition,
•        welcome visitors, host tastings and take pleasure in sharing our work philosophy and our products.

When we are not working in our vineyards, in our cellar, welcoming visitors or working from our office, you will find us at wine fairs or somewhere on the road, on our way to meet our customers and wine lovers in France and elsewhere.

Sophie’s eye

Throughout the year, I love watching the wonders of nature, seeing how seasons change, how the light evolves, how nature grows, and capture with my camera moments from the life of the flora and fauna that surround me.