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From the soil to the wine : mysteries of our terroir
The vineyard of twenty hectares extends on two brands: Valencay and Touraine. For the setting up of each parcel, we take care to respect the harmony of land, the balance between soil and vine.

The Touraine vineyard is settled on the vestige of the famous rifle flints used by Napoleon’s armies. The strong stony charge and the corrugated relief are the best assets for the optimum development of Gamay Noir, Côt and Sauvignon too. The flint presence gives this grape variety some very typical mineral and smocked notes.

The Valençay vineyard is separated in two areas: each area is located on side of the different slopes of the Modon, an affluent of the Cher River that goes through our vineyard.

In the first area called “Les Terrajots”, there are two kinds of soils:

- Soils called Perruches: hot and stony, these soils are perfect for late grapes varieties as Côt, Cabernet, Sauvignon Rose or Chardonnay.

- Soils called Aubuis: limestone and draining, these soils contribute to fine and fruity palate of Pinot Noir.

The second area is located near the “loge à Perin”, a small hut built in the middle of vine at the end of nineteenth century. This area of sweet slopes is settled on flints clay soils. According to the stony charge and the soil depth, we set up a grape variety on each parcel: there is Côt on the slopes and there are Gamay, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc on the plateau.

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