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Welcome to the Website of our winery
From vines and flints

This family land, located on the slopes of the Cher River, has supported the Francis’s family since already several centuries. From this exceptional soil, some of my parents cut the stone: the famous rifle flints used by Napoleon’s armies; others already grew grapes and made into wine.

Both passionate for the wine’s alchemy, we naturally look after this soil, this unique character that we find in our products.

To carry out this potential, I have a great respect to the balances: balance of the vine, balance of the soil, and balance of the wine.

Now it’s up to you to discover and to taste our wines…

Francis et Sophie - Winegrovers

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The Wine News of Valencay and Touraine!

First autumn frosts changed the face of our vineyard and leaves with brilliant colours which cheered up the land, disappeared.

The vine falls asleep for winter and already the season of pruning begins. We pre-cut plots of Gamay, Pinot and Chardonnay, these plots where we shall give before two weeks, first knocks of clippers. For the moment, time is for the replacement of died stocks vines in the heart of plots in full production.

Wines’ Guides of the autumn
After harvest and the end of fermentations, it is always the time of the assessment. But it is also the season of the Wines’ Guides - another way to make a point on success wines which today treat our papillae and we can find in a shop. We shall retain for this year two quotations among which the one in the Guide Bettane and (...)
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Flavour of season
Winter comes with these sad days but children’s hearts hum festive airs, eyes are illuminated and already our papillae wake up … The Scallop that concentrates all wealth of the Ocean, has a place of chose among the treasures of gastronomy which throne on our Christmas tables. And it is successful match with our Valençay Blanc Les (...)
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