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Harmony and balance : Key words of our philosophy
Wine is a work of patience and attention that begins in vines. It is there where the main part takes place.

Harmony and balance are our key words for vine culture and winemaking. All vines are grass covered in order to control the vigour of each vine. Throughout the vegetative cycle, the pruning, the de-budding, the green harvesting, thinning out... are essential steps to have a sound and quality harvest, rich in sugars and flavourings. Finally, we organize treatments and fertilizations according to the needs of the vine and the respect of environment.

During one month before the harvest, we control the maturity of grape berries. So, in the cellar, the grapes are already the terroir’s expression. Time and patience allow the transformation from grape to wine.

Firstly, the grapes are destemmed. Then, the maceration whose we regulate temperature, increases the aromatic potential of the grape and allows the full extraction of fruit flavours. Finally, fermented with natural yeasts, this wine has a terroir’s character.

As a good father, I watch over the wine maturing by providing the best conditions. So they assert their whole originality.

We bottle the fruit of this long work and after that, we let it bloom, we dress it before to offer you to taste it.

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