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Wine of the Princes and Prince of wines: this slogan often resounds to Valençay. And it is necessary to recognize it, if during a long time, wines of Valençay were monks’ wines with the presence of three Abbeys of the area and the Prieuré of Valençay, they have a commun story with the Prince de Talleyrand, illustrate occupant of the Castle under Napoleonic period. His love for the gastronomy and quality products made the best ambassador of the Valençay.

"Before taking a mouthful of this nectar, we look at it by holding high the glass, we smell it for a long time, then, the glass layed on the table, we speak about it!" Charles Maurice de Talleyrand Périgord

Three wines, three blending wines
Les Terrajots

Valençay Les Terrajots: the expression of an original terroir

These wines are a plot selection. So « Les Terrajots », an exceptional soil– very rare in the Val de Loire-early, unusual on yellow tuffe covered with Cherts creating an exceptionally mature harvest, to produce elegant wines with great smoothness.

About maturing

This vine is aged in barrels, then in vat and in bottle. And it’s unusual to find a Valençay 2002. But this, it’s very interresting...